Sync Issues (Still)

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Re: Sync Issues (Still)

Post by bhiefer »

Hi, yes in build 148, there is a regression that causes that metadata are not backward synced to MMW over wifi. This is fixed and will be in next build. We've also made some significant changes and bugfixes to sync so hopefully it will be better now. But we are still working on issues with USB sync. Thanks for you patience..
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Re: Sync Issues (Still)

Post by rovingcowboy »

bkenobi69 wrote:If you copy a file over using the drag and drop approach you just suggested, will that use the appropriate transcoding based on the device? I wasn't aware you could transfer files that way within MMW.
by copy with mmw i mean to select the songs in the list and then right click and select copy to folder and browse to the folder on the sd card in the phone.
monkey treats it like another drive.
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Re: Sync Issues (Still)

Post by BigInJapan »

rovingcowboy wrote:i use usb sync just like moving files to an hard drive, i dont sync back to the pc i use the numbers and rates from the pc. that being said though i do get some messed up art work for the albums even with the usb sync. but its working for me that way,
I think maybe it should be clarified that what you're describing here isn't actually sync. Unless I'm misunderstanding, you're just copying files over. That's fine for the limited goal of being able to play the music on your device, but it doesn't address OP's problem with getting changes to metadata that happen on the phone accurately synced back to the main library on the PC.

I hope that doesn't come across as criticism of your post. I just want to make it a little more clear for people who are scanning these threads in search of solutions to metadata sync problems.
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Re: Sync Issues (Still)

Post by MarkODD »

I am glad to see that this post is provoking some discussion regarding the issues with USB sync but no one seems to have answered my request:

Could someone do a simple test for me please?

After a sync is complete, select the Music subtree under the device. The synced songs are listed.


Reconnect and select the Music subtree under the device. Is there anything there?

In my case there is nothing but I don't know if that is expected.
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