Reporting bugs for MediaMonkey for Android

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Reporting bugs for MediaMonkey for Android

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Thanks for helping to test MediaMonkey for Android! This note provides a few basic guidelines re. bug reports that'll help us resolve bugs as quickly as possible:

1) Make sure that you're using the most recent beta build (along with the most recent MMW build if you're reporting a sync problem). Scan the beta forum and list of known issues beforehand to ensure that the problem hasn't already been discussed/fixed. If your bug hasn't been reported yet, please report it in a new topic so that it's easy to find and track. If the issue appears to be another instance of a previously reported bug, please add the information to the already existing thread.

2) Be specific in your description of the problem and clearly describe the steps needed to reproduce the problem, indicating the specific views in which the problem occurs. Post a screenshot if that helps.

3) Provide detailed information about your environment.
- e.g. MMA build 674 running Galaxy S6 running Android 6.0 syncing to MMW

4) Submit a debug debug log if the problem isn't consistently reproducible or is environment-specific and send us the log ID.
To do so, replicate the problem and then click Options > About MediaMonkey > Send logs, taking care to either write down the log ID or save a copy by enabling "Save a a copy of the log ID". When you report the problem to us (e.g. via the forum or eSupport) be sure to include the associated log ID.

Thank you for your help!