Set location of database.

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Set location of database.

Post by SimmersDad »

When using MM from my laptop or main pc, I use a library that is located on a NAS drive.
This works great as whichever machine I happen to be working on, I always get my playcounts updated.

My question therefore is that, can I edit a file somewhere on my tablet to point to the MediaMonkey Database on the NAS so that I can do the same thing.
I know it's possible to use UPnP but to do this one of my machines needs to be switched on which may not always be convenient.

I can easily listen to music straight form my NAS using all sorts of apps, not just MM but I would prefer to access the shared MM Database so that my playcounts are updated with every listen.
In case you are wondering why I want to do this, it is because I often use playlists based on playcount.


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Re: Set location of database.

Post by BigInJapan »

That would be pretty slick if it did that work way, but no, you can't currently do that.
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Re: Set location of database.

Post by nohitter151 »

I doubt that's possible because MMA doesn't/can't use the MMW database.
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