configuration Sync Folder and the Filenames, Cover

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Re: configuration Sync Folder and the Filenames, Cover

Post by MusicKing » Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:08 pm

MusicKing wrote:
christian_s wrote:@ Lowlander Thankyou for the tip!
Now I have the solution:

3) Open Register “Options” -> “File Locations”
a) Edit “Sync files to” under Music: for example to \Music\<Folder>\<Filename (or \Music\<Year>\<Filename> )
Or use the “Configure-Button”.
b) Open Register “Options” -> “Tagging”
c) Deactivate the Button “Sync all Artwork to file folder” (albumart.jpg)
d) Activate the Button “Copy Artwork to file tags”

4) Open Register “Configure” -> “Playlists”
a) Edit “Destination directory”: for example to \Music\Playlists\

MediaMonkey still create Folder in Storage\extSdCard\ the Folder MediaMonkey an Music
But this Folder only for MM information.
Is there another location to use/configure on the SD card instead of directly under Music? For instance 'Storage:\MediaMonkey\Music' or just 'Storage:\MediaMonkey'?
A comment would be very appreciated

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