Ratings not honored / different between MMW & MMA

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Re: Ratings not honored / different between MMW & MMA

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Lowlander wrote:See: http://www.mediamonkey.com/support/inde ... tion-fails MMW to MMA is the only way to get more of the tags to come across. It can be either USB or wifi sync, depending on what works better for you.
The MTP drivers on the device are frozen/inactive. In such cases:

i) MediaMonkey will usually give you an error message to disconnect, reboot the device, and then reconnect.

Doesn't work

ii) On some devices (this occurs often with cyanogenmod / lineage OS), even though the device is configured to connect in MTP mode, it fails to register as an MTP device with Windows. The solution is to switch to 'charging mode' and then back to 'mtp mode'. This is done either via a notification that appears when the device is connected OR via Settings > Developer Options > Select USB configuration > MTP (Media Transfer Protocol.

Doesn't work either

install appropriate USB drivers to your PC and reboot the device and PC
- Google USB driver for Android (have to try that)
- OEM USB drivers for Android (have to try that)
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