Fast scrolling is limited to ASCII letters A-Z [#14419]

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Fast scrolling is limited to ASCII letters A-Z [#14419]

Post by nysharps » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:45 pm


I'm not sure if this issue has been reported before. Fast scrolling does not have support for Unicode characters in track names. What I mean is this: approximately half my music collection are Russian songs with Russian names. When I'm fast scrolling through the track list, it goes smoothly from A to Z (showing the letter in a little box near the scrollbar). However, once I start scrolling past Z, it blows right past the Russian songs and to the very end of the list. I can scroll back up to find the song manually, but this is very tedious with 1000's of songs. Also, if I would like to fast scroll back up to the English-language portion, I can't do that. No scrollbar is shown on the right.

Most other music players out there support Unicode in their fast scrolling, but I really like MediaMonkey for the ability to have multiple genres per song. Ironically, the only other music player that supports multiple genres is PowerAmp, and that too does not support Unicode scrolling. I guess people who listen to international music don't believe in genres?! :D

Anyway, it would be lovely to have this feature!

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Re: [BUG] Fast scrolling is limited to ASCII letters A-Z

Post by Peke » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:28 am

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