MMA - Synchronization (UPnP) Not Connecting

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MMA - Synchronization (UPnP) Not Connecting

Post by viTRifY13 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:53 am

Hi everyone,

First time posting, but thought you would like to know of a bug in your software. I spent countless hours trying to troubleshoot my end this weekend, but it ended up being a bug in the software. Followed the troubleshooting guidelines out there for MM synchronization, disabled firewall, antivirus, pointed DMZ right to my desktop to see if any of it worked, but it all failed until I registered for the latest test build on my FIIO X7.

FIIO X7 (Android 5.1.1), Mediamonkey Version fails to connect to any UPnP servers (Mediamonkey & Plex) via MMA
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 7.0), Mediamonkey Version connects to both MMW & Plex just fine via the UPnP within MMA.

Exact same MMA on 2 different devices. One is able to sync / connect to MMW and see the MM server on UPnP (Android V7) and the other is not (Android 5.1.1).

Downloading the test build for FIIO X7 fixes it
FIIO X7 (Android 5.1.1), Mediamonkey Version connects to both MMW & Plex just fine via the UPnP within MMA and of course I'm able to sync my library again.

Note that I had also completely restored my android to stock android settings (reflashed the firmware), only downloaded MMA (.0732) and it still didn't see any UPnP connections.

Anyways, thanks for keeping MM awesome! Long time user!!

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Re: MMA - Synchronization (UPnP) Not Connecting

Post by Lowlander » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:00 am

Thanks for the heads up.

For others having problems, see: ... ork-at-all
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Re: MMA - Synchronization (UPnP) Not Connecting

Post by Peke » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:08 pm

Some users reported that While MMA is searching for MMW server in Win 10 you can start troubleshooting inside Windows firewall conroll app and debug inbound connections.

Not sure what it exactly do but looks like it rewrite firewall settings to make them working in MMW even firewall is disabled.
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