AA feature request [play entire album from shuffle]

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AA feature request [play entire album from shuffle]

Post by zombiefly » Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:16 am

I use AA mainly on random play as I like a good selection of tracks while driving. However, often a track comes on and i would like to play the album it comes from in it's entirety.
I would like a button on screen to "play entire album" which would

1. take the current track, identify the album, turn off random play, queue and play the album as normal (as if selected)
2. after playback, switch on random play again in the mode it was invoked from (play all shuffle/album shuffle etc)

IMHO this would be an easy to implement and unique feature (as all the component actions are already present) which avoids all the fiddling around with the controls which i currently have to do to achieve the same result.

Interested to hear if other people would find this useful?
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