Better support for Audiobooks?

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Better support for Audiobooks?

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I really like how MMA supports audiobook features such as a small progress bar under the tracks and such. But for it to really take the place of a dedicated audiobook player, is there a way to enable a quick-rewind/advance button? Meaning a button that allows you to skip forward or backward a set number of seconds in the track? I've often found that useful in audiobooks where I wasn't paying attention or missed something and want to skip back 10, 20 seconds to relisten to a part. Of course it's possible to do this by dragging the progress bar, but that's very cumbersome and imprecise and often misses the mark by minutes or more. A dedicated set of buttons for this feature, and possibly allowing the user to customize how many seconds the buttons rewind or advance, would be a great help. This would also be very helpful in the podcast function, as skipping ahead of intros or ads or parts you're not interested in is pretty convenient. All of the popular podcast and audiobook players on android already support these functions. Is there a way to bring it over to MMA?

And speaking of podcasts, a way to search, subscribe, and download podcasts from MMA itself would also be a huge help. I don't sync my phone to my PC every day, and there are several daily updated podcasts I listen to. Being able to have MMA function as a truly standalone podcast app, and not just a podcast player tied to the PC, would be a huge step forward in letting MMA basically take the place of 3 different apps. Right now I have an audiobook app, a podcast app, and MMA for music. It would be awesome to get rid of the other two.
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Re: Better support for Audiobooks?

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Many of the proposed here is planned for future MMA versions but for now there is no ETA in implementation.
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