Equalizer not working, oreo 8.1 / LOS 15.1

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Equalizer not working, oreo 8.1 / LOS 15.1

Post by surfer »

several devices: each on oreo 8.1 / Lineage OS 15.1
1 another device: android 7.1.2 / LOS 14.1

Equalizer seems not working at all: no change in sound when changing preset profiles and separate frequences.

No such issue and equilizer working as expected with the app "PlayerPro v4.8".

Any idea?
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Re: Equalizer not working, oreo 8.1 / LOS 15.1

Post by drunknmonkey »

The Equalizer is not working on Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 8.0.0 MMA, too.

When opening the Equalizer Screen the text "Sorry, the equalizer is not supported on this device".
When leaving this screen open for some time and switching to options screen and back (getting app back from background after display switched off seems to be a trigger)- the equalizer is enabled but does not have any effect on sound. Balance slider does have effect on sound!

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