[REQ] Browse Playlist / Collection by Album or Artist

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[REQ] Browse Playlist / Collection by Album or Artist

Post by euphorbia » Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:17 pm

I would like to be able to browse subsets of my music collection on MMA by album or artist instead of the track listing. The track listings can get quite long and I like to browse by album art, which is quite small on the track listing.

It seems there are two ways this could be accomplished:

* Allow this view for playlists. I've found requests for this feature before, but no discussion or updates about whether it would be implemented.

* Enable custom collections for MMA. There's a forum post from 2017 stating that this was a planned feature, but I haven't seen any updates since.

Any clarification about planned features/timelines or a way to accomplish what I want to do would be great.