Current Android Auto Bugs/Issues (Build 863, AA: 4.5.592854) [#15679]

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Re: Current Android Auto Bugs/Issues (Build 855) [#15679]

Post by martin.bohac »

Re 2)
Yes, it is an Android Auto issue. This is the reason why we added "Limit list size for external apps" to limit lists for views with tracks and to display "play now" and "play shuffle" and a limited list of tracks (customizable size).
Currently, we have no limit for other than media views, maybe we should add a new option to limit items in other views.

Re 3) exactly, the number of the track is not supported, so track number is added to the title and then searching by letters does not work.
Maybe we can make it optionable.

Re 4)
You can change it by "Limit list size for external apps" in MMA Options

Re 5)
We can't modify AA, we provide all info about tracks to 3rd party apps. How the metadata are displayed depends on them.

Re 6)
I hope the 5-star rating(also with half-star precision) will be fully supported on AA side sometimes, till then we had to balance the control to be simplest as much as possible.

Re 7)
Voice assistant is processed on System side, MMA receives the result(command) only. So currently there is not much to do to improve it.

Re 8)
I can't replicate it, does it still occur with the latest AA version 4.2.5914 and MMA

Re 9)
It can happen when ''Now playing list" is not initialized, I am not able to replicate it, because always when I switch to AA, then AA is connected to MMA and ''Now playing list" is initialized. When you start playback, then "Now playing list" icon appears, right?

Does it still occur with the latest AA version 4.2.5914 and MMA

Re 10)
Does it still occur with the latest AA version 4.2.5914 and MMA
There are some fixes about it since build
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Re: Current Android Auto Bugs/Issues (Build 855) [#15679]

Post by oblivioncth »

martin.bohac wrote: Fri May 17, 2019 10:47 am - snip -
Sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy for a while now.

I went back through and tested everything on the latest version of MMA Beta and AA and completely updated the OP with how everything stands as of now. I will touch on each section in your reply still for your convenience:

Re 2) At least for me personally this is a MASSIVE issue, because I often would like to play tracks by a certain artist. I have no problem with the list being limited (since it has to be given AAs limitations) as long as it is limited in a smart way (i.e. the same way everything else is in AA). Essentially, what I mean is that I would like it to work enough that I can at least make use of AAs "Search by Letter" feature and select the first 12 (or however many it it is) artists for each letter.

I get that it absolutely can't load the whole list because of how Android Auto works, but I thought of this as more of a bug since I figure it could at least work how it does in the Playlist view (again, being able to use Search by Letter to see the first 12 or so playlists for each letter), whereas right now you can't see ANY Artists AT ALL since the view never loads. So regardless of how it ends up needing to work, I feel that leaving it not working whatsoever is not acceptable in the long run lol. I will take any kind of functionality over none.

Re 3) Personally I would like this very much so to be an option since like I mentioned in the OP, there are often times I want to hear a certain track within the playlist and keep the playlist going after it is over. Since playlists tend to be a bit smaller in size, getting to see 12 tracks or so for each letter would be VERY useful instead of being limited to 12 tracks outright since the track number is appended to the track name and breaks the intended function of AA's "Search by Letter" feature.

Re 4) I acknowledged that there really isn't anything to about this since its directly due to the list size limit of AA and that showing 12 or so tracks isn't that useful anyway, so I marked this issue as resolved. I also wasn't aware this already had an option.

Re 5) Oh, I had figured that you had full control over at least the view for your app in Android Auto. You were able to specify the toolbar controls (now playing, rating, etc.) though is that truly all you're allowed to control? That is pretty shitty if that is the case.

Re 6) Gotchya

Re 7) Ah, that is also an annoying limitation, and I can see how its pretty much on google to fix this then.

Re 8) This issue seems to have been fixed since at least build 856.

Re 9) I tried replicating this to do more testing earlier but I couldn't manage to do so. I think it happens if I haven't used MediaMonkey on my phone for a long time and then plug the phone into my car, so that Android Auto has to launch the process itself. The Now Playing button doesn't appear just when I start playing, but does reappear after I start playing AND switch the head unit focus to some other AA page and then back to MediaMonkey.

Re 10) This issue seems to have been fixed since at least build 856.

Here is the old version of my post if you need to remember which number was which issue: ... clnk&gl=us
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Re: Current Android Auto Bugs/Issues (Build 856, AA: 4.3.591854) [#15679]

Post by oblivioncth »

I caught the incorrect pause issue happening again so I moved it out of the resolved section and its now under Bugs, number 4. I got another log for it too.


Unfortunately, I caught the inconsistent artwork issue happening again (though it seems to be happening less often) so I moved that into the active section as well. I didn't originally see if the issue occurred with other media player apps since I thought it had stopped happening. I will do that as soon as I can.
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Re: Current Android Auto Bugs/Issues (Build 863, AA: 4.5.592854) [#15679]

Post by oblivioncth »

- Artist never loading is no longer an issue
- Finally confirmed that inconsistent artwork issue is on the AA end as it also happens consistently when using VLC with AA.

Still need to see if what are now bugs 1 and 2 are still happening.
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