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feature request: moving between playlists, resuming exactly where I left off

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:11 pm
by greggw
During the day, I'm playing a playlist of pop music. Before going to bed, I change playlists to listen to relaxing instrumental music. Next morning, I want to switch back to the pop playlist, resuming exactly where I left off on the day before.

Unfortunately, MediaMonkey doesn't keep track of what playlist I was playing, what track within the playlist I was last playing, or my position within that track.

A new feature where MediaMonkey takes a "snapshot" -- either automatically or triggered manually by me -- that records the following:
  1. a list of all of the tracks (in order) in the Queue/Now Playing/Playlist
  2. identifies the current track -- the track that was playing at the time the "snapshot" was taken
  3. records the last played position (elapsed time) within the track at the time the "snapshot" was taken
MediaMonkey offers a featured called "bookmarking" that keeps track of the last played position within a track. However, this feature doesn't keep track of the overall Queue/Now Playing/Playlist or the current track within Queue/Now Playing/Playlist (numbers 1 & 2 above).

I believe that this feature would be useful for both the desktop and Android versions of MediaMonkey.

In order to achieve this same functionality on my Android device currently, I'm using multiple media players -- each player with a different playlist loaded. For example, pop music on MediaMonkey, relaxing instrumental on PowerAmp, smooth jazz on GoneMAD, etc.. By switching between media players, I can quickly switch between playlists and I am able to resume each playlist at exactly the spot where I was last listening. Obviously, it would be preferable to have the same functionality from a single media player.

A "snapshot" could be taken automatically each time I stop playback or every time I close MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey would present a list of the most recent snapshots -- maybe 6 to 12 -- identified using the name of the playlist (if applicable) or the date and time last played (when the "snapshot" was taken). When I select a "snapshot" for resumption, MediaMonkey would take a "snapshot" of the current Queue/Now Playing/Playlist, clear it, load the resuming Queue/Now Playing/Playlist, and begin playback at the track and last played position.

The idea for this feature is not original to me -- it came from which is an open source project to write replacement firmware for dedicated digital music players. In RockBox, the feature is called "Bookmarks".

Re: feature request: moving between playlists, resuming exactly where I left off

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:26 pm
by Snofru
Excellent suggestion!

Re: feature request: moving between playlists, resuming exactly where I left off

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:18 am
by MagGyver
+1. This sounds so useful.