Stopping Auto Play? - Android

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Stopping Auto Play? - Android

Post by JackNorth »

In the Windows version, I can click to select a song from a playlist, but not have it play unless I double click or hit Enter. When the song finishes, the app does NOT automatically go to the next song in the playlist. This is very useful. Is this possible with the Android version? In the Android version, if I choose a song from a playlist, it begins playing, but on the Now Playing screen it shows 1\X, where X is the number of other songs in the playlist. The app will automatically play the other songs in that playlist.

Hope I was able to clearly describe what I am trying to do.
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Re: Stopping Auto Play? - Android

Post by Lowlander »

Long press on a file to select it, then use the Play Now option at the bottom of the screen to only play that file.
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