MMA removing first song from synced playlists.

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MMA removing first song from synced playlists.

Post by Khavanon »

I have the up-to-date versions of MMW and MMA. I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+. I don't have an SD card inserted.

When I sync a playlist to my phone from MMW, the whole playlist shows up initially on the app. However, after a couple of hours the first song will be removed from the playlist. The song is still on the phone, and it's still present in MMA under other homescreen categories, but if I try to add it back in to the playlist manually, it'll still get removed later. All the other songs that were initially on the playlist are unaffected.

Also, this isn't affecting every playlist, roughly half of them, and it doesn't seem to matter what the size of the playlists are. There are large and small playlists missing the first song, and large and small playlists that are complete. The ones missing the song cannot be sometimes fixed by re-adding the song; they will always remove the song. It's always the first song. This just now occurred to me, but I haven't tried to add the song back in a different position on the list to see what happens.