Activating MM pro on a Fiio M9?

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Activating MM pro on a Fiio M9?

Post by martinstraka8282 »

I recently purchased a Fiio M9.

I am mostly happy with the device other than a bit of a sluggish OS and the Fiio music app sucks.

All has been solved by installing MediaMonkey APK on the Fiiio whitelist... well, most has been solved and I will keep using it as my preferred app regardless if I don't sell my M9 to get an M11, but...

I have tried and tried to activate it as a pro app mostly to be able to customize the appearance of the app's homepage. Sounds silly, but it drives me bananas seeing so many different unused tabs and would like a clean interface somehow. Is there no way to accomplish this on the M9 and I need to give up or am I missing something obvious? Any chance of a slightly altered apk firmware releasing restrictions of this feature?

Part of my issue and why I'm so stuck on using MediaMonkey is because number one it's an awesome program, but also becuase it is one of the very few android music apps that sorts music the way I want. I like to classify everything by genre, then have it break it down by artist, then albums, then songs. Most apps break down their genre feature by just listing all the albums in a very long, basically unsortable/unscrollable long mess. I have about 450gb's of music, so it is just too much to be navigable that way. I've found a couple other lesser known apps that sort this way, but the M9 didn't seem to handle them well enough and they were generally crap compared to the MM app.

Any help is appreciated!