play progress bar and track remaining time bug

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play progress bar and track remaining time bug

Post by gmamarov »

Hi, I have recently purchased the full version and started exploring it's functionality.
I have to admit, sonically Media Money produces the best sound with my system compared to the other main Upnp controllers.
However, I noticed that play progress bar and track remaining time are not always available. Could please fix that bug?
Kind regards,
Dr Mamarov
My current system is Meridian 210 streamer with DSP6000 active speakers.
Samsung Galaxy S9 used with Media Monkey Pro as controller.
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Re: play progress bar and track remaining time bug

Post by Peke »

It is very possible that you do not see seek bar due the fact it is streamed per chunk.

Based on ... asheet.pdf and ... -guide.pdf

I would you suggest that you try Latest MM5 ... 86639&sd=d and se eif you get better streaming experience with Meridian 210 streamer. After test please report back if there is any tracks that you stream to Meridian and that do not show Seekbar?

Also regarding MMA Seek bar is Set to Auto-Hide and you need to tap on album art to get it back.

EDIT: FYI it looks like nice sleek device and with really nice balanced features, bit pricey at around 1000€
Best regards,
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