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Opus Support

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I just bought the android app and after importing my 100gb of music I just realized that none of my opus/ogg files have been imported. I can browse to the file manually through the app and it plays just fine, but the coverart is missing. It also won't play .opus files through the app unless you change the ext to ogg. You can however open an .opus file with mediamonkey if you open it from an outside file browser like Solid Explorer.

So is there any way to have MM recognize my opus/ogg files with the proper metadata/coverart? I can't find any information on the website and google hasn't been any help either. It really should be smart enough to recognize that .opus and .ogg are the same, but why won't it import ogg files either when you can clearly browse to them.

Is there a better place to ask these questions?
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Re: Opus Support

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Can you please when you open OGG file in Solid explorer and play with MMA do the following ⋮ -> About MediaMonkey -> Send Logs -> Write down LOG ID here -> Tap OK so that we can pair LOG ID with this post and analyze data from it?
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