mma stopped syncing wirelessly

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Re: mma stopped syncing wirelessly

Post by Peke »

It is strange behavior and something is blocking connection.

If you want you can try this free app (I personally use it) that ill show you state of Firewall and connection logs.
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Re: mma stopped syncing wirelessly

Post by Lowlander »

You can always try to run without firewall (maybe disconnect internet from your network first) and see if that resolves it, but did you make sure the client is allowed access in the Media Servers settings?
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Re: mma stopped syncing wirelessly

Post by toyzrme »

FYI ran into a problem similar to this - tried all of the suggestions (reinstalled MMA, formatted SD card on S10 phone, delete/disable/enable the device in the device lists, etc) - also noticed that the server IP address list had 2 IP's that weren't even on my subnet (?? - and this is on a 50lb box!)

What finally seemed to work was disabling the 2 MMW servers (libraries) I had, and adding a new one to the list, approved the connection, and voila, it worked.

Not sure WHY, but I don't have time to debug ...
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