Hope for MMA 2.0

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Hope for MMA 2.0

Post by terryo »

Here's my wish list for mma v2.0

A tablet interface for more effective use of screen real estate.

A simple and easier to use phone interface for the car. The operating touch areas on the screen are too crowded for safe use in the car.

The ability to pinch and expand (and full screen) the artwork. I store the backs and credit pages as album art and would like to be able to read them on my phone (ideally) or at least on my tablet.

The ability to go back to a search result list rather being forced to jump all the way back and having to restart a search to go to a different entry in the search list.

The ability have the clock time displayed larger when mma is full screen (this may be impossible because its part of the android interface).

The ability to select what information is displayed and the font size in the black area where now you get song, artist and album in a tiny font in a largely wasted large black space.

A display of which playlist you are playing from. The display always defaults to "Now Playing" at the top instead of the playlist I selected.

The shuffle icon in white when off. It is in gray now and hard to see in sunlight or the car.

And more access to information in the ID3 tags when 'properties' is selected.

There's a lot of potential for mma, especially on tablets.