MMA Feature Request: Remember Song Position in Playlist

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MMA Feature Request: Remember Song Position in Playlist

Post by Snofru »

Maybe this has been requested before but I think it is important enough to ask again:

When I switch between playlists MMA forgets where I have been before.

My request (preferably as an option for those who don't like this):
  • Let MMA remember the last song played in a playlist and when you come back continue playing this song (not necessarily in the middle of the song, though).
  • MMA should also remember whether this playlist was played random or normal and switch to this automatically.
  • If you had random play MMA should also remember which songs already have been played and not play these again until every song has been played.
  • This memory of the played song(s) should be deleted if either the full playlist has been played or the playlist has been changed (manually, because of sync or some automatic action (like Autoplaylists which hopefully are in effect in MMA 2.0))
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MMW Version Portable
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