Library folders keep getting reset

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Library folders keep getting reset

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I'm using MMA v1.4.4.0955. I keep having to go back into the preferences to remove all folders except the "Music" folder on my SD card. When I leave the preferences screen and go back into it, the setting seems to stick, but if I quit the app and then relaunch it, every so often the "Video" and "Music" internal folders and the "Video" SD card folder are added back in as library folders. It doesn't happen every time I launch the app, but it is annoying when it happens because then it tries to sync the "Video" folder on my SD card when I don't want it to bother with that folder.
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Re: Library folders keep getting reset

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This is known issue where Empty default folders get back in on Sync and will be addressed better in MMA 2.0 and already improved in latest MM5.0.2 builds viewtopic.php?f=30&t=86639&sd=d
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