MMW to MMA always has problems

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MMW to MMA always has problems

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Syncing my music has always given me problems such as freezing during sync or music not showing up in playlists. In my latest attempt, I wiped everything off the card, then uninstalled and reinstalled MMA. I accidentally started a sync of:
-- music, podcasts, classical, and audiobooks to \Card\Music, \Card\Podcasts, etc.
-- playlists to \Card\Playlists

Then I realized I had intended to sync them to a folder MMA could edit, so I terminated the sync. Only a few podcasts and audiobook files synced. I restarted the sync of:
-- music, podcasts, classical, and audiobooks to \Card\Android\data\\files\
-- playlists to \Card\Playlists
...and set it to run. It ran for many hours overnight. Now I can see all the files on the card through Windows Explorer... but MMA cannot see any of them! It does not list any playlists. There are no tracks, no artists, no albums. EXCEPT... it does see the handful of files that synced in the first attempt (i.e. \Card\Podcasts)!

In "Choose Library Folders," \Card\Android\data\\files\ is checked. I cannot find any other setting that might influence that. Am I missing something really simple here? Thanks in advance!
Frisco, TX, USA

My environment:
Win8, always latest version/build (or beta version) of MMW
LG V20, Android 8.0, all music/podcasts/audiobooks on 64GB external SD card (which may be the source of half of my problems...), always the latest build of MMA