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UPnP: can not play FLAC files

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:57 pm
by carpler
I'm a new MMA user and trying this app for the first time on my smartphone (Honor 8 Pro with Android 8.0).
I'm trying the free version of the app (the last version found on the PlayStore, remember 842 in the number version).
No problem in playing FLAC files on the internal memory with MMA.
So I'm trying to use UPnP feature and playing file from an Audio Server on my local network (is the Logitech Media Server with UPnP/DLNA plugin): I know that this is in the PRO version, but the free version let me test it for 30 minutes.
So: I can browse my remote library, can play mp3 files with MMA, but can not play FLAC files on remote server. When I add an album with FLAC files and press play, all tracks are skipped instantly and nothing happens with no error message.
What's the problem?
On the same phone I can play the same album with BubbleUPnP, so I think is not a server side problem.