Thumbnails disappearing, but Artwork still there

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Thumbnails disappearing, but Artwork still there

Post by St_G » Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:39 pm

I have MediaMonkey running on an Android tablet, playing local files off of a Micro-SD card. It took most of a day to index everything the first time, but after that, it seemed good-to-go.

Then, I pulled the card to add some more music from the PC.

Upon reinserting and checking for new files, most of the thumbnailed artwork disappeared, but if I click through and play the albums, the larger artwork is still displayed just fine. It's only on the main list(s) that there's no artwork. Some artist listing still have thumbnails just fine, but many more don't.

I've tried deleting caches (those that I can locate) but I suspect I'm missing at LEAST one, since it seems to repopulate the index almost immediately, even if I un/reinstall MMA.

TLDR: Where my thumbnails at?