MMA Volume Levelling at my wits end

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MMA Volume Levelling at my wits end

Post by dirtycousin »

TIA for any help.

I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get the volume leveling working properly with MMA.

No matter what I do MMA is always reading the volume track level at what seems to be the standard 89db. I want to be at 95db.

I've changed the options in the device syncing menu. Changed the options in MMW menu.

It is always reading the same volume leveling number in MMA no matter what I change the db value too.

I can't find a fricking answer for this so just want to ask here I guess.

Is this because MMA just automatically levels volume to 89db?

I want to do this without conversion and just use my analysis values.

Thank you for any help I would appreciate some help I am a gold member for life for years now. Love the software and would like volume leveling on my android.

I just get sick of having to crank up the lower volume songs and then another song comes on and is way too loud.
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Re: MMA Volume Levelling at my wits end

Post by dirtycousin »

Oh I have also bought the MMA gold or pro version or whatever if that matters.

I'm coming to the conclusion that MMA only does volume leveling to the standard 89db.

If this is true is there plans to change it in the future to up the db?
Mark S
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Re: MMA Volume Levelling at my wits end

Post by Mark S »

Although not exactly relevant I am using this post as I am also at my wits end with volume levelling.

I understand that Analyze will "normalise" the volume by writing an offset value. For example, if too soft, it might enter +2.0. You then need a music player that can read these offsets and adjust.

I just analysed my entire music library and offsets were entered for every file. I appreciate that the results won't be perfect so, when listening, I might decide to manually change the offset. If it was +2.0 I might change it to +4.0. However, this seems to be having no effect on MMA. I have looked at the settings Playback > Level volume is ticked. I changed a file to +50.0 and this had no effect.

I feel that I am missing something.

Regards, Mark
Erwin Hanzl
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Re: MMA Volume Levelling at my wits end

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

@Mark S
MMW: On my laptop I change the value of -8.5 to +10 for a music file
After changing: restart playback - then you will hear the volume difference.
Sync with my Handy
MMA: look into the properties of the music file - entry: +10
I play the song - incredibly loud.


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Re: MMA Volume Levelling at my wits end

Post by Peke »

@Erwin Hanzl to address few question you raised. Using 95 is common these days as it is mostly used in recent releases due the Compressor/Limiter settings (Hate that practice as destroy dynamics of song) and 89 is CD Audio red book value. Also 95 is commonly accepted as last value not introducing clipping for flat playback (no EQ or DSP) at least in my finding. I just checked and my 80s/90s CD RIPs almost all have +5 to +7 in leveling (Classical excluded) due the my setting of 95 for playback. NOTE: I Never Never use Leveling only Analyze as that way I can enjoy and have space to use DSP or EQ if needed.

There is no need for Re Analyze of track after change as gain index is same you are changing playback value. HINT: if it clips on playback then most likely your AMP is applying additional EQ or gain so try to lower it to 92, except in cases where MM have not calculated Gain index and then re analyze is needed eg. like in recent case of
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