Lost Playlists on Android

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Lost Playlists on Android

Post by GMGJ » Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:15 pm

I have windows 10 on the slow ring for new releases.
I have a MOTO X4 with Google Fi as my carrier.
I have Android 9 and MM Gold

a) I have seen it ask multiple times for SC card synchronization after a restart
b) I do not do a MM synch as I don't have space on the SD card on my Moto for my library.
I connect my android to my computer with a usb cable and use MM send a Playlist to the SD card

I have lost all my playlists, I have the music dir with all the music from playlists

I think they were here:
This PC\moto x4\SD card\Playlists
1) Is that where MM would put playlists ?

C)This is where the music is
This PC\moto x4\SD card\Music

I am confused about a number of things.
I think the easiest path to fix my problems might be just to uninstall MM and recreate the SD card

I this what I need to do?
Uninstall media monkey
Go to play store and download MM
Will I have to install regular then MM paid?

Should I delete the old Media Monkey directories before I re install?
Should I delete the MUSIC and PLAYLIST folder?
This PC\moto x4\SD card\Music
This PC\moto x4\Internal shared storage\MediaMonkey\
This PC\moto x4\SD card\MediaMonkey

I believe this is old
This PC\moto x4\Internal shared storage\MediaMonkey\

I think this is where I put gold
This PC\moto x4\SD card\MediaMonkey

What I have done so far.
I have taken out the sd card and reinserted it.
I have asked the computer gods for blessings.
I have waved a rubber chicken over my head