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Playlist Artwork is OK but Album Artwork Missing

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:47 am
by IanRTaylorUK
I am using MMW and MMA on a Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet.

Sometimes when I do a USB sync of playlists, the view of the playlist on the tablet shows the artwork correctly as does viewing of tracks. However, the album view is missing the artwork.

I have found that refreshing on the artwork using MMW and re-synching does not change the situation.

However, if I remove the playlist / files from the tablet by un-ticking the playlist in the Auto-Sync(-->Device) screen then changing the name of the playlist a little (e.g. adding the album year at the end of the playlist name), then re-synching with the "new" name playlist the situation gets sorted!

Is this the best approach to deal with this issue?

Original Playlist: Travis - Everything At Once (with 12 tracks)
New Playlist: Travis - Everything At Once 2016 (with the same 12 tracks)
Artwork: 628 x 628 (42kb) "album cover" stored in tag applies to all 12 selected files