MMA sync device deletion ultra slow

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MMA sync device deletion ultra slow

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Syncing from mmw, deleting files on device that are no longer on the server. It is taking at least 6-10 seconds per file to delete files. These are files that about 3 MB each. If I use a random file manager, deletion is almost instant.

These are files stored on an SD card, a high quality Sandisk SD card that is fast enough to record 4K video (UH 30 I think is the designation, I forget the exact nomenclature).

Is this normal behavior? If so, what the hell is it exactly doing? If not, what can I do to fix it? Right now, deleting 623 files is taking hours.

This is on a samsung gal s8 phone with a 128GB sd card. The sd card is probably about 80% full, which might be related. The wifi link is super fast, about 700 Mbps, and the wired network to the server is gigabit (though I haven't looked into latency). The server isn't doing much of anything else.