Storage space taken up by MM following SD unmounts

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Storage space taken up by MM following SD unmounts

Post by maps » Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:19 am


I have MM Gold on a Galaxy S7. Like many Galaxy S7, it has the SD card unmount/mount issue (the SD card is unmounted and mounted again several times an hour, all day - which isn't caused by MM, and which I could never repair to this day).

A side problem is that every time this happens, MM takes up a little more storage space on the phone itself (not the SD). I don't know what causes this, probably re-creating some info files about music location on the SD card, as it was re-scanned by MM constantly. I identified MM as responsible for the free storage space decrease because I tried to uninstall the very few apps I have one by one, and the issue stopped only when I deleted MM.

Now that I don't use a SD card anymore, I could reinstall MM and the free storage space doesn't get eaten up, so that's good, but the damage caused is still there, and it's major: I have around 10go of space unusable.

--> my question: any advice on how to locate and free this data? Clearing data and cache of MM, or even reinstalling it, didn't help.

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Re: Storage space taken up by MM following SD unmounts

Post by Peke » Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:57 pm

I checked on my other devices today, but could not replicate. When you observe that can you confirm that in MM app info data used is actually increased? I am wondering if S7 manager caches changes to MMA library and take space. Have you tried any cache cleaners?
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Re: Storage space taken up by MM following SD unmounts

Post by maps » Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:14 am

Hi Peke,

Thanks a lot for your reply!

- I can't go check now because I have 500mb of free space left on my phone (which is a nightmare already, so I don't want to trigger more unmounts), but I would deduce from the fact that I had cleared the MM app data & cache to no avail, that this space was not shown as increasing there. As the constant unmount/mount is not a normal behavior, I was thinking maybe MM or Android could not track it correctly and was now considering some free space as used space by mistake.

- Which makes your second point plausible: maybe the S7 manager caches changes to MM library indeed. That sounds like a good intuition. I had downloaded some cleaners, yes, but it didn't help. From what I read they just offer a quicker way of cleaning compared to doing it manually from Android Settings, but they're not more powerful. I had cleared the cache through them and also through Android Settings, but it didn't work.

Does that tell you something / do you have an idea of what to do? Maybe plugging my phone with USB and deleting stuff manually would help, but I think with stock Android (which is my case, I didn't root) many accesses are restricted

Thank you again,


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