Sync not working as expected

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Sync not working as expected

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Help! I'm flying tomorrow and tried to put together several playlists to take with me on my phone (Samsung s20 Fe). I have the paid app. Spent several hours cleaning old data (much overdue) to get music data clean and playlists created on my computer. Set up a sync to run only on 4 playlists, with my phone connected via usb (everything recognized and seemingly running properly) and sync seemed to be pulling every file from my library, and none of the playlists. When i was making selections, i wasn't given the option to select specific playlists--clicking around it gave me no way to select from them, instead it seems it was an all or nothing choice.

I have done similar things with other apps before, and given the complexity of this program I'd hoped to be able to have some flexibilty like that but every sync I've set up only loads my entire library. is that some kind of requirement? If not--how do I just sync specific playlists (and the tracks in them) to my phone, preferably with the ability to have some playlists that are available on my computer that I keep exclusive to that device?
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Re: Sync not working as expected

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Yes, you can select which Playlists are Synced, you may find it easier to setup in MMW: ... _Device.29
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