change wiki? .. also some requests

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change wiki? .. also some requests

Post by Barry4679 »

The new MM UI looks great.
It failed while trying to import my library (error reports dispatched to you), but I was able to built a new db by re-scanning my tracks.

Some questions:
* is there a new wiki or something where I can see discussion of release aims, ui changes, db changes, api changes
* I am most interested to see whether there has there been any db changes; new tables?, new or deleted columns? ,column attribute changes?, date representation?, triggers?
* also the automation objects ... I attach via Python to SongsDB.SDBApplication, then call Database.QuerySongs, NewSongList, and Database.ExecSQL ... is this still supported? ... I see threads with some angst reacting to automation changes, but I can find description of what has been changed.
* is the alpha expected to be fully functional in these areas? Or are those areas still under heavy change?

You asked for requests:
* some numeric Custom cols in the Songs table (for filtering and sort sequence purposes)
* also a few text custom cols which aren't covered by FTS (some versions of sqlite implemented with Python 2.7 don't have FTS enabled. and it is hard to find official compiled 64bit versions of sqlite)
* I am good with the retention of sqlite, but some facility to hold user level play stats would be good. ie. user PlayCounter, ListTimePlayed from the Songs table, and a UserId for the rows in the Played table.
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Re: change wiki? .. also some requests

Post by PetrCBR »

API changes are major as MM4 scripts are VBS and MM5 is using HTML/JS/CSS for whole UI and scripts. Some API description, classes and methods are can be found here (not sure if it's up to date).
Database should be backward compatible (MM5 DB should work with MM4).
Some basic COM API is implemented (Application, Player), but based on MM5 architecture is very limited (multi-process architecture).
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