autotag framework changes in 2276

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autotag framework changes in 2276

Post by TIV73 »

I recently upgraded to revision 2276 and noticed that the autotag framework behaves differently from before. If a tagger has set fingerprintingSupport to false, it seems like lookups immediately fail, with no methods of the tagger being called. Settings in the options menu, tagger properties other than fingerprintingSupport, or track properties like set or missing album don't have any impact on this.

The identical plugin worked perfectly fine in the previous (public) revision, so it looks to me like something changed behind the scenes.

As a quick test I also set the property to false in the default musicBrainz tagger and noticed the same behavior. Not sure if this makes any real sense in the context of that tagger, but it appears like the issue also happens there, none of the functions in the tagger are called and lookups fail.

Is there anything that has changed and needs to be implemented by taggers if they set fingerprintingSupport to false or should this be considered to be a bug?
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Re: autotag framework changes in 2276

Post by PetrCBR »

Can you send me your plugin so i can check what's wrong ? Send me a PM where i can dl that.
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