Fantastic Software Folks.

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Fantastic Software Folks.

Post by Cammey »

Just thought I would drop a line and say thank you for a fantastic bit of software.

After using itunes, WMP, MusikCube, Foobar and Winamp.

I have finally found the programme which does exactly what I want.

It is great to organize my large music collection with ease, and the way I want to do it.

So a big thank you to all involved hope to speak with some of you in the forums.

Keep up the good work and cant wait for MM3 8)
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Post by Blake »

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Post by Peke »


Re MM3: We too :roll: 8) :wink:
Best regards,
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Post by greenwoodmonkey »

Yeah I am gonna go with that...
Possibly the best on the market I would say..
I have tried loads, always finding something I don't like with each.. this seems to have everything and more... I am finding new features I like everyday (MM3)..
At this rate I might have to open my wallet and go for the full monty!
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