How many "lifetime license" users out there?

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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by trixmoto »

I've also had a lifetime license since 2005, when I discovered MM and it's scripting capabilities. Scripting has become a massive hobby for me, but it started by me just loving the fact I could write simple little script to perform a repetitive task on all my tracks. The scripts have got a little more complex over the years! :)
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by mozman75 »

I went "Lifetime" in March of 2010. I had used a few other competitors but I found that MM managed my db the way I wanted and I love all the available scripts! I can't take the time to learn how to write them so I'm indebted to those that can. I love the tagging, I love the skins...I'm more than happy to shell out the dough for a lifetime license on a program that exceeds my expectations. And with MM4 on the horizon? WOW!
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Alan Harkleroad »

Simply the best music management program i have ever owned. Was worth every penny. I can only see it improving with every update. i have had it for almost 2 years and I would buy this product again with out question.

Easily the best Music Management program. I had 3 different music folders between my rips, i-tunes and my wifes rips and friends. It organized them into one logical directory in no time. That in it self was worth the money. The improvements since have only solidified my opinion of it being the undisputed music program.

I also recommend it to everyone, and have it installed on every one of my computers, and all my family members. Sold them on it so easily.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Falcon »

One more "Life", here :wink:
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by jc836 »

Longtime Lifer (V2.4 or thereabouts). Media Monkey replaced what I was both paying & not paying for-when they went away. It also has the distinction of replacing most other "proprietary" organizers. We had had multiple brands of MP-3 players at the same time and thus supposedly needed different programs to transfer with-WRONG! Media Monkey takes care of that with ease. Granted there are times with our Sandisk Clip+ players that can prove interesting, but transfer of material and playlists goes quite well.
Thanks to several very creative folks, including Rovingcowboy, the GUI has stayed the way I like it. For those who have not looked at the "Steel Monkey" series of skins-they remain fresh in my opinion. We will probably see a major change in both the visual and technical in MM4, since it is to be even more powerful with its ability to play multi-media.
Support of a great product by paying for a license is paramount to it staying great. I would gladly pay a small upgrade fee (if required), if MM4 does what I expect. I have installed it on all of my machines at different times and recommend it to all of my friends-they love it in the end.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by dpeterson »

I've been a long-time lifetimer and love MM still. If anyone is listening, I *much* prefer bug/speed fixes over "pretty" GUI changes, any day of the week.

MM is especially great with large music collections and those who wish to reorganize them. Personally, I rely on the library/script operations a lot as I sanitize my metadata over time.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by MisterRDZ »

I, too, was one of the (very) early users. I downloaded the free version of SongsDB and was impressed enough with what I saw that I decided to show my support by buying a license. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made! Like others, I have looked at different programs over the years but have never removed MM from my system and it always remained my primary choice for playing music. I have Itunes on my MAC, but don't use it for playing music from my collection.

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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by stretch »

Been using Mediamonkey since version 2 probably around 2003/4 and splashed out on the lifetime licence in 2005. Still loving Mediamonkey.
before then I was using Musicmatch and winamp, but nothing could cope with a large music database that was until I found Mediamonkey which coped with ease.
I've now got over 35,000 files and it's still no problem.
The other big sellers were the superior tag editing and file renaming features.
Scripts and great portable player syncing were also very useful especially the ability to lower the quality in the days of small capacity players.
Keep up the great work!!!
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by China-Rising »

I bought Mediamonkey a few months ago. Why I waited so long is a complete mystery to me.

But anyway, I bought a lifetime licence, it seemed the sensible thing to do and I haven't regretted it :)
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by Rauk »

I bought it today after a few months whit the free version and this is my first post, so greetings to all from Sweden!! :D
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by onyxwave »

I've also have been using MediaMonkey for almost maybe 10 years (if not longer) starting back when it was called SongDB. It was arguably the best "digital media" organizer (mainly for music of course) even back then compared to other apps. It really took the top spot by the time it changed it's name to the infamous MediaMonkey and version 2.0 came out. I think I bought my lifetime licence sometime around 2003 if not earlier(I bought it back when it was SongDB, not long before it was renamed MediaMonkey). I've NEVER regretted it ONCE, and I've been EAGERLY awaiting the next evolution of this EXCELLENT software (4.0) because the only thing missing from one of my ALL TIME fav apps is official video support. It has ALWAYS unofficially supported video thanks to WinAmp plug-ins, but I think it's been reported that 4.0 will FINALLY make it official, which means NO ONE could ever give a reason why MediaMonkey isn't the best digital media database organizing software out there. 'Nuff said, period dot com!

Side note...I started off using Real Player back around '98/'99 and tried WinAmp (as great as WinAmp was, it wasn't consistent ans would always overwrite my tags improperly) as well, but chose to stick with Real Player. I then found SongDB and loved it for it's superior auto-playlist functions. By '04 I was using Real Player, Windows Media Player and MediaMonkey all together to organized my music files. It wasn't until last year that I decided to completely ditch Real Player and Windows Media Player because MediaMonkey does ALL that they do 2 times better without glitches and at much greater speeds. I think all software apps could learn from the owners of MediaMonkey when it comes to creating, maintaining, and updating apps! So, now, bring on the completed commercial release of 4.0 and beyond...I can't wait!
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by goberre »

Another lifer, been a monkey man for a couple of years. Signed up to lifetime licence straight away as MM was the only player that coped well with my 35,000 FLAC files.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by GeraldB »

I bought in some years ago when Yahoo took over Music Match Jukebox and ruined it. Media Monkey is worlds better -- a pleasure every time I use it.
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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by mccstumble »

lifetime since 2009. Beat all the other competition by a mile and then some...

Still hoping that MM will eventually have photo managment (tagging, organising etc) and photo viewing soon.

Also wish MM had better LastFM and Spotify plugins or integration (Like Squeezebox Server / Logitech Media Server)

That said though MM still my fav Music/Video Managent program by miles. And now that I have MonkeySqueeze PlugIn it also "talks to my Squeezebox Server. A real powerful combination.

I would encourage anyone to buy the lifetime license and help support this great program


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Re: How many "lifetime license" users out there?

Post by No60MdiS »

I'm a lifer too for two years.. And I am loving it.. :D
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