I switched to MediaMonkey, and this is why...

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I switched to MediaMonkey, and this is why...

Post by davidneibel »

So I payed for a lifetime edition of MusicMatch at least 4 years ago and loved it for a while...
Over time, however, the program and it's updates became bulky, slow, and buggy. Each version seemed to create more headaches and crashes while half of my submissions to the tech support were never answered.
It had/has it's advantages - and I will have to say that it's user interface is supreme as far as the main window is concerned, but with my 3 month old Athlon64 custom system it was just too darn slow - and I hated having retarded bugs keep me from viewing this, listening to that, or changing these.
I ran across MediaMonkey while I was researching an easy way to re-structure my library of 5.3 thousand Mp3PRO files with to one with artist and album subfolders.
I intended to simply use MediaMonkey for this purpose and move on back to MusicMatch. Also keep in mind that I am a rediculously loyal customer to brands which treat me well and do their job right (like, say... Seagate, IBM, or Cisco). MusicMatch did its job right for a while - but it was really starting to annoy me with it's bulkyness, it's ineffectiveness to be a "background app," and its instability.
I tested MediaMonkey and its features for about 4 hours to make sure it would do it's job right - before I let it consume my system for what I thought would be hours to restructure (a copy of) my entire music library. I will just have to say that within the first 2 hours I went crazy at how well it was put together and how light it was. Everything worked the way it was supposed to - and I tried some wierd things to see if I could get it to crash (strange situations I thought people wouldn't think to test) - and it just smiled back and kept on chuggin' along.
After poking and prodding at all the settings for those 4 hours, I decided I would give it a the chance to restructure my 5,263 file library... and after just a handful of clicks - the job was done in LESS THAN 2 SECONDS!
My jaw dropped at that point - and that was when MusicMatch lost a customer.
That aside, I am amazed at how quick the program loads up with my entire library in the database and the playlist simultaneously (which was not even possible with MusicMatch - there was not enough memory space alloted for both in that program... even though it is a beast of a resource hog). And the mouse gestures option with the tray icon is a treat - what an innovation! Oh, and when the fade in/fade out when a track is changed/stopped/fastforwarded... I could go on for hours.
I know that there is a $10 discount available at this time, but I wanted to fully support the programmers behind this work of art - so I payed the full amount for that reason. Besides, MediaMonkey saved me oh... some 80 hours worth of renaming and organizational work.
There are some things which I wish/want to be better/different but that is what the wish list is for right? At least these guys care enough to read what we ask for - and work to implement that. MusicMatch is faceless now there is no place to voice my opinion. Lessons can be learned in both directions.
All I can say to the makers is "Keep it light, keep it crash free - you guys are awesome!"
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Post by jiri »

I could read such opinions for the rest of my life... :wink:

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Post by Anubis »

Welcome to the religion David... :-)
I found my way about this time last year and haven't looked back either...
The dev's DO listen and more importantly, participate in these discussion...
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Post by mjs93 »

MM really is the best, isn't it? I never thought I would care this much about a piece of software!
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Post by trixmoto »

I've found MM to be every I could have ever dreamed for. I especially love the fact that scripts allow me to make MM do almost anything I want! And this community is fantastic, everyone trying to help each other out, it's great! :)
Download my scripts at my own MediaMonkey fansite.
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Post by Steegy »

I've found MM to be every I could have ever dreamed for.
For me to... well, not for all my dreams though. :wink:
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Post by abrazor »

You made the right choice. But remember that a lifelong license means you can't change until you die!! It is like a marriage. You love MM and MM will love you! :lol: The developers are a cool bunch and extremely helpful so please get involved in the forums. All the best.
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Post by FurAnt »

Let's see, I've been using MediaMonkey (formerly SongsDB) since July 2003 after trying MusicMatch and Moodlogic. I'm a lot less active on the forums lately. Probably because I now have three kids 8), but also because MediaMonkey manages my 7200 MP3s effortlessly.
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Post by gparitsky »

Hey guys, I agree. MM is simply the best. I have 30,000 files that run as smooth as silk. And it really is refreashing to actually have questions answered as quickly as I have experienced. I am a lifetime member as well and havebeen running MM for a several years. Thanks to all who contributed! - Glen

Post by aaarg »

FurAnt wrote:Let's see, I've been using MediaMonkey (formerly SongsDB) since July 2003 after trying MusicMatch and Moodlogic. I'm a lot less active on the forums lately. Probably because I now have three kids 8), but also because MediaMonkey manages my 7200 MP3s effortlessly.
i agree wholeheartedly...i have been using mm for a few years (at least) and it works so well i have never even been to the forums until today ;)

mediamonkey is absolutely the best player i have ever used...keep up the great work developers!

ps. i posted how much i like mm on digg.com, hopefully it will generate some new users to the fold
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another fan

Post by dinosaur »

I tried MusicMatch, Windows Media Player, and a few others and MediaMonkey is by far the fastest and best tool for managing my music. I have over 12,000 tracks and although one might think that the Windows product would handle the file system efficiently, it is so slow. Just last week, I tried to clear my library in WMP, and it took 2 hours. In MediaMonkey, it takes a couple minutes. Rebuilding the library is faster, too. What really seals the deal is that when I open MediaMonkey, it doesn't take 5 or 10 minutes just to start up because of the number of files, it just starts right up. Great great great product. Thanks!! :D :D


Post by LuxembourgCalling »

Recently swithed to MM. EXCELLENT. Thanks. :P
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Post by ufoDziner »

I just bought a lifetime license today. I only have about 7k songs, about half of which are flac, the others are mp3. It reorganized and retagged my library amazingly well. The only problem I had/have is with the Rio Karma sync not working right for me. This problem was sort of side stepped when my wife told me that our Karma needed to stay at home connected to the stereo if we were not going to have any CD's around. I promptly wen't and got a 60GB ipod which is currently syncing with the auto-conversion to mp3. I'm unbeliveably happy with this piece of software. Thanks guys. Wes
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Music is back in my life...

Post by schbimp »

I had gone the past X number of years with more and more cd's accumulating around the house. 50 here 200 there etc. (my wife is good at putting things totally away!). It was getting to be such a hassle to find and listen to one I just stopped doing it. A few month ago I decided that there must be a better way. First I got a case that would hold about 600 cd's and then started throwing out jewel cases. I finally wound up with all my cd's in that case. Phase one was complete. Now I least knew where they were. I started to compile an index of what cd was in what slot and gave up after doing about 100. What I needed was a cd 'jukebox' but without the cd's. I started poking around and found out about 'flac'' files which could give me cd quality compressed into a reasonable amount of disk space. Then I came across MM. It didn't support flacs at the time so I waited and lurked the forums until the latest release came out. Then I bought a lifetime license, loaded it, flac'd all 600 into the 'virtual cd' over the last several weeks and indexed them to the slot numbers in the case using one of the 'custom' fields. Now my computer acts as my cd player hooked to my stereo and I can find and play any of about 8000 tracks without a problem. (The case of cd's is now in my garage.) Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who designed and worked on the program. I don't even own an MP3 player but it works for me!
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Post by pepoluan »

I was just looking for a tool to easily retag my .ogg and .mp3 collection (8000+ files).

Then I found out MM. Tried it. Liked it. (Still haven't paid yet, sorry. Still waiting for my credit card to get approved) Still play files with Winamp 5.x though... but slowly I start playing files with MM more...

Now, two months later, I found out that I no longer run Winamp! :)
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