what is wrong????

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what is wrong????

Post by Michael »

i moved some tracks from one folder to another by using mediamonkey in the tree i found the folder and i cu & paste although i did it by using mm after i saw the tracks in the dead link WHY????

Post by rovingcowboy »

??? i dont understand what you said you did but i do know i have been moving songs from in mm and it even makes new folders for me.

the way i do it is i right click on the song in the list and then click on the send to link in the menu then it has a move to folder link click on that and it shows one of the 7 hard drives i have and i pick the one i want and it shows the folders on it then i click on the folder and it moves it there.

it changes all links to it inside mm also.

the only thing i found is that if i put all tag information in the properties of a wav file and move it or encode it. the tag information will be erased and i have to re enter it, so i do the encoding first now.
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It works for me

Post by Lowlander »

I think I get what you did Michael:

You selected a song(s) somewhere in MM and selected 'cut' from the right click menu. Then you went to the desired location and used 'paste' to move the song(s) there.

I did the same, I cut a song out of the 'title' node and did paste in a different location under the 'location' node. Then I went to 'dead links'. Here's the difference I had no files show up.

Please respond if this was your problem, what you did different and some more specifics on your system and MM. This might aid the program makers in uncovering your problem.


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Post by Guest »

i made the changes from the tree from my computer!!!
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what is wrong

Post by rusty »


As I understand, you:
-added a folder to the library via 'Add Tracks' or the first time MediaMonkey was run
-you moved tracks that were part of the Library using the My Computer node (e.g. MM/My Computer/C:/My Music/Dir 1 to ..../Dir2

I've tried replicating any sort of bug by doing this, but cannot. It's difficult to diagnose the problem you've experienced without a detailed description of exactly what steps occured to make the bug occur.

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Could ...

Post by Lowlander »

Could the problem lie in that the files were moved to a folder that has not been associated in MM, in other words has never been scanned and also doesn't show up in the location node as such??

Post by rovingcowboy »

ok so it was a typo you left the letter T of of cut and paste.

you say you cut the songs from the playlist area when you found them in the folder on the tree and then moved the tree down or up to the folder you wanted them in and clicked on the playlist area to paste them in the folder.

that would work if your in windows explorer but i dont think so in mm.
i might be worng and they might be in that folder now. but mm still has the hotkeys pointing to the other folder so it says they are dead links cause they are not there.

by doing the cut and paste you did not give mm a chance to change the hotkeys for the files, it would be better for you to put them back into the folder you cut them out of but not by using mm go in to explorer and do it then open mm and see if they are in the dead links list. they should not be.

but if they are then dont sweat it just do the move to as i said in my first reply by right clicking the songs in the play list and then selecting send to on the menu then the hd you want them on then the folder you want them in. and move them that way.

then mm will change all the hotkeys and that should include the dead link ones.

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