What kind of MM user do you consider yourself?

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What kind of MM user do you consider yourself?

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Post by Vic »

Don't Know i'm alway learning :o , from reading the post on the forum! You guys & girls are great! keep up the good work.

vic. :D

PS been using MM for about 6 months
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new user :)

Post by MaFt »

i've only just started using media monkey yesterday. i have a library of about 9,000 songs and music match (which i bought an 'update forever' licence for) is slowly getting worse and worse and very unstable... maybe it's cos of the number of files i have, i don't know...

anyway, after a lot of searching around i discovered media monkey and of the hour i had to play with it last night i'm well impressed! it's so much better for updating tags in bulk too! it's stable too. i'll give it another week of testing and messing then probably get the gold version.

so, considering i've been using it for a grand total of about 2 hours, i'm classing myself as a novice!

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Post by MaFt »

Lowlander wrote:Anal in this sense doesn't refer to the human anatomy but to being very specific (meticulousness).
it's like a geek, but a bit more geekier ;)
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Post by crass »

I' d say I am intermediate and devoted user.

I currently have 90 GB of music (min 128kbps) and thanx to MM, I have inserted 99% of tags and album covers to my collection, effortlessly.

It goes without saying that I strongly "advertise" MM in about every forum I visit and I have surely persuaded many friends to make the switch.

While I do not need all the Gold version extra features, I am surely planning to buy MM simply because the developers deserve it, even for the free features.

I just hope I could find some good skins and have full support for my 5G ipod. This would make me buy in a heartbeat. Currently I have to tolerate iTunes to have full functionality of my video ipod.

Sorry for the long post. It's my first and I kinda wanted to cover a few points.

regards from Greece

Re: What kind of user are you?

Post by Guest »

Lowlander wrote:What kind of MM user do you consider yourself?
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Post by beep »


New to MediaMonkey, but not to digital audio.
I am a former user of: Media Jukebox / Media Center who tired of lost tags, dropped files and software bugs blamed on other software/drivers/plugins/solar flares/alien transmissions :lol:

Glad to see what looks like a very promising program.

Does anybody know how many files MM will handle?
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Post by Steegy »

FAQ: "What's the maximum number of tracks that MediaMonkey can handle?" http://faq.mediamonkey.com/index.php?ac ... artlang=en

No limit has been discovered yet, but it has been used for collections up to 2 TB! The maximum number of tracks depends mainly on how good your computer (and your OS) is.
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Post by Lowlander »

It seems that access has a limit of 2gb in size. I don't know how many files that is. Looking at my DB i get around 800 songs per 1 MB of database. So 2GB would be around 1600000000 songs. Even if you take the low end that would still be 1 billion songs. I'm not sure if even iTunes has that many on sale.

Lowlander (MediaMonkey user since 2003)
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Post by my_two_cent »

Lowlander wrote:I meant more in the context of MP3 management and playing.
I primarily use MM to manage my CD/vinyl collection. Most of my digitized music is legit as I have either a CD or a vinyl LP disc backing up my digitized music as license.

What I really wish I had was a complete, compatible jazz music catalog that I could run from MM that would contain detailed information for each session and track, including date, musicians, and releases. That would really help me manage my collection of "albums" and reissues and help me figure out what to buy next. The VirtualCD feature comes close, but it's much buggier than the RIP features.

I chose MM for flac as my lossless storage format. I also use a RAID mirror to protect my collection from single disk failure.

I don't download music (unless I already have the LP) because of rights management restrictions. CDs are still the best way to go legally, but I'm pretty tired of Hollywood charging me ten bucks for a dozen tracks whose musicians are all long dead and no longer collecting royalties (if they ever did). On the other hand, I don't want to pay fifty bucks for a "complete" collection of a musician I already own most of their work. I'm not interested in listening to every time Charlie Parker sneezed into his sax.

Someday I should be able to freely find public domain old music and share files and tags with fellow enthusiasts via BitTorrent, based on a common public catalog of tracks. Perhaps MediaMonkey is headed that way?
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Post by jk »

Have to say novice, although I am proficient at using computers and networks . . . but not a programmer at all.

Loved MusicMatch when it was all new and wonderful, but it was full of bugs and got worse and then Yahoo got involved . . . no way!

Along the way I learned that I can tell the difference between my 128 mp3 files and a cd!! So have been using EAC to make FLAC files ever since that day . . .

I love the concept of tagging music for mood and situation, etc and having the computer prepare a fresh mix for any time depending on how I feel or who is being entertained. It is a great way to get enjoyment from a music collection.

I hope MediaMonkey lives up to my hopes . . . it seems dainting to me as a novice, but I'll get there!!

Thanks to all those who have brought her thus far!

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I use MediaMonkey to manage my physical music library

Post by my_two_cent »

I started out with MediaMonkey to help me manage my collection of vinyl and CDs.

I'm a collector of jazz and rather meticulous about tagging tracks with recording dates and musicians. This is important when collecting jazz because the major labels dump reissue after reissue on the market and since many jazz artists replay their compositions over time, it can be really difficult to know exactly what you are listening to without detailed documentation.

I keep my CD collection in FLAC so I can convert it as needed to the next generation of compressed music player. I used to hate mp3 format, but I don't mind mp3 now, as with age my hearing has degraded to the point I can't really tell the difference anymore.

I've never had an iPod, but I'm on my third WMA/mp3 player from Creative.

I used to copy my vinyl onto my PC, but lately I've been using BitTorrent to download copies of music that I own on vinyl. This strikes me as being ethical, but I have no idea if it is legal.

As I got into BitTorrent, it has been irresistable to download some pirate collections. My local music store tries hard to be eclectic, but I have to drive up to Hollywood to Amoeba before I can spend more than $20 on things I really want to listen to. It's a 2 hour drive from San Diego.

I've learned a lot about jazz-funk, acid jazz and R&B/Soul/Funk by downloading collection CDs with BitTorrent. Unfortunately, that means I am no longer completely legal.

My hope and dream is that someday, someone will create a tagged catalog of jazz and r&b music and I'll be able to buy or download that catalog and use it to add music easily and legally to my collection. Of course, if my dream comes true, someone else will need to write the code for a good music player that can use this universal catalog to help me manage my music and share my tastes with others. I'd like to see a BitTorrent/last.fm mashup someday, but the only way that is going to happen is when the major music owners (the labels) disconnect payment from distribution or someone upsets copyright law and dumps all the old music into the public domain. I can dream, no?

I love music. For me, it's mood medicine and better than drugs and alcohol for making me feel better. But I'm also a collector and "scholar" or serious fan of music and music history. Music is serious to me, probably partly because it was hard and expensive to collect music when I was young. I can afford to now, but kids today see music as something akin to oxygen. It's just there in great quantities.

MediaMonkey is the only library manager that comes close to satisfying what I want in music management, but there is still so much further to go in collecting, rating, and sharing music.

If only the artists could share in this richness and get paid at the same time.
Kent W. England
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Advancing at a snail pace

Post by barney »

I have 40,000+ files and have been working through the set up of MM to get a handle on my library.

Some of the scripts look promising as does 3.0. I really need some strong scrubbing capability.
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Post by Anamon »

I have used the free version of Media Monkey 2 for over two years now, and greatly enjoyed it, so I guess I could be called an Advanced user. Today, I finally made the decision to purchase a lifetime license, because I did not only want to use the Gold features, but also while I'm starting my music collection from scratch use MM3 from the beginning.

Probably not the best idea to update completely to an Alpha version, but the thing is surprisingly stable and bug-free, it works almost as well as I played around with it all day and can't wait to feed it with my pile of audio files :)
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Intermediates Rule!

Post by popeyekahn »

Looks like the "Intermediates" will take the day.
I have gotten quite proficient at tagging and organizing but, there is always more to learn!
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Re: What kind of user are you?

Post by MonkeeMadness »

Lowlander wrote:What kind of MM user do you consider yourself?
A grey headed old fart who can work a mouse.... (does that count) :P
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