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s there a way to schedule the auto-starting of MM nad then begin playing? Mayby using the Windowsand a commoand-line finction? Kinda of the timer option in reverse. I currently use the time to shut down automatically as I go to sleep at night, and I would like MM to wake me up in the morning too! thanks,
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Re: Autostart

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Re: Autostart

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Esrent -

Microsoft provides a Window tool called "Task Scheduler" that you can use to start a program like MediaMonkey. ( ... -scheduler) The details vary based on the version of Windows that you have. For you, the task that you want to schedule is MediaMonkey. By using the command line startup options that Lowlander has provided a link to, you can control what MediaMonkey does when it is started by Task Scheduler.

(Another link to Microsoft documentation on Task Scheduler: ... start-page.)
Gregg W
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