Looking for Audio Converter for Windows

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Looking for Audio Converter for Windows

Post by samuelmonkey »

Hi all,

I would like to have different suggestions on great audio converting software. My main use would be mainly turning FLAC and ALAC files into AAC lossy format. I am not really keen on mp3 to be honest and I have found a few customization in terms of applying the bitrate you want, down converting sample rate (some FLAC HD comes in 24 to 96 kHz), or even enabling something as simple as VBR.

I have been a Mac user for some years now but I have decided for some convenience reasons to start storing my big library in Windows. This has to do with some good converters on Mac, for instance XLD, which is great and has tons of options besides the ones I describe before.

For Windows I don´t care if it is a paid software if it is good and has what I need. I have tried so far: Switch, freac, Total audio converter, Mediahuman audio converter and foobar and whether they don´t have some features I require, they don´t completely satisfy my needs in any way.

I am gladly waiting for your valuable experience suggestions :)

Thank you!
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Re: Looking for Audio Converter for Windows

Post by Lowlander »

Why not MediaMonkey? You can even keep the higher original copies and auto-convert on sync/DLNA streaming to a lossy format.

https://www.mediamonkey.com/addons/brow ... odec-pack/
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Re: Looking for Audio Converter for Windows

Post by dtsig »

if you are looking for features look at https://www.poikosoft.com/. Once bought all updates free Been using it for some 10 years .. mostly for ripping but have done some conversions.
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