Help with mediamonkey use / features?

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Help with mediamonkey use / features?

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I am new to mediamonkey but I have started using it on my android phone. I have read a bit about the features etc online but wondering if anyone here can suggest how mediamonkey stacks up to the below home media / Jukebox / requirements for both audio and video.

I have been playing around with Virtual DJ and Serato but they are both DJ software first and foremost, but they also provide way more than the average home user needs in the DJ / mixing area vs the below requirements. Would appreciate any input to the below high level requirements and peoples experience using mediamonkey at home.

Overall, looking to have software control both audio and video, throw sound into my entetainment system or video into my tv's, and manage all that from a mobile app. For parties, either have guest access control from an app to allow people to add to the queue, or use a standalone tablet to manage the queue from a mobile app. I'd be ok if mediamonkey just does music and music video management, and I use Kodi or plex for movies etc.

Mandatory features:
Media: Audio (mp3's/flac etc) & Video (mp4 etc for music clips), manage library / meta tags etc, media stored locally (HDD) or network (NAS), able to download album art and media information/synopsis etc, scan media / auto add new tracks. Optionally access to online music/video libraries (eg. iDJPool for audio and VJPro for video which VirtualDJ offers for a monthly subscription).

Features: Jukebox "party" mode whereby you can lock down features for guests to browse / add music to queue but not mess up library / change settings etc. Auto DJ mode if nothing in playlist. Able to save playlists / import windows media playlists etc.

Accessibility: Apart from PC itself, access maybe from web browser / mobile app so you could access via tablet or mobile phone. Skins so you can control jukebox mode at parties ie. have a tablet that has jukebox only skin where guests can queue music from libraries

Optional features: Sync/access Spotify

thoughts / input appreciated.