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Old but GOLD - Love the Monkey

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I was going to put this in 'off topic' but it's really not. It's about Media Monkey and this 'bromance with the Monkey' we all share. I'm kind of wondering how many other longtime MM users, and new enthusiasts are 'lurking about' and enjoying Media Monkey? As for me, it's been a few years. I've been away 'in the wilderness,' but I'm back, and I'm really happy to see things are still rolling along. A beta source M5 I see... hmmm.

I recently 'polished up' my PC build and that included new SSD drives, more storage, hardware upgrades, and a full clean W10 install. My rig is screaming. I'm adding a SoundBlaster SE5 card today. Yes, a soundcard! They were a necessity 10+ years ago. We'll see how that goes. On my upgrade checklist was get MM and my library up and running again. I've loaded it all up, (207,514 files, 1251.7 GB, runtime 13497:33:28!) and it's back 'in service.' A couple of years ago I ripped my 400 CD collection into MM, along with adding album art and all kinds of details and playlists etc. So, I do have duplicates of a number of files, as I ripped my CD's into FLAC files as well.

Where am I going with this? I'm not sure. One thing I can say, I don't think there is any other 'solution' out there that is better for the collector with a large (ginormous) library than MM, who wants to keep their own files and have control on how the playback goes. I love it. All the little 'intricacies' of customization are sometimes mind-blowing and at the least very cool. E.g. I just purchased a few visualizer plug-ins today. They look awesome as I playback my favorites here in my humble abode, with my 'old' 60" plasma hanging on the wall, pumping out 7 channel stereo, powered by my Pioneer Elite receiver. EPIC...

So, I just wanted to give a shout out and touch base with fellow MM users. I'm, putting it all back together. I know I'm going to have questions pop up. The next thing I'm doing here is finding all the album art I saved back in the day. I had the MM backup files, but I didn't go through the proper restoration of my MM library. It's okay, I can still bring most of what I want (playlists and album art) through the interface. That's the beauty of the 'modular' design of the core MM build, just add plugins. I need to connect and sync up a few of the resources/scripts yet and continue on from where I left off a few years back. This will be the fun part with the Monkey as I start this new journey.

Have fun all... it feels good to be back.

'beck' :D