This forum needs a rework

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This forum needs a rework

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Here me out. I've been a casual to power user since 2010. Took a break for about 5 years because life happens and music databases aren't necessarily a priority. But, and I mean but, this forum isn't very helpful for the casual user. All the addons have dates from 5 to 10 years ago , so it makes it look like nothing has been updated at all. Of course you can look at the last post, but that doesn't mean anything. If MM is to survive, and I believe it should because it is the best media player hands down, it has to be more streamlined for these addons. Addons are the life and blood to make this player truly amazing. However, when looking at the forum, you have to search and search....... and search to see if that addon is still viable and being actively worked on. Hate on me on the replies, I don't mind, but if MM wants new users to truly appreciate this amazing app, then this whole forum needs to be reworked. Sorry. I've already downloaded several options to compare since even me being a savvy user back in the day, I got lost when i tried to update my Media Monkey library and redo my setup like I used to have it, and practically gave up. I know funding and support is key, but user friendliness helps a lot.
I love this player and I hope it keeps going and going, but this forum needs an update with some user friendliness in regards to addons and how to install and find them. I always recommend this player but feedback is tough and they usually give up, even after I explain all the benefits and how its the most powerful player out there. They don't seem to care and give up too easily.
Sorry, just ranting here.