Dead links tracks & locate moved pop up

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Dead links tracks & locate moved pop up

Post by Jaani »

All of a sudden the power went off and my system running MM5 shutdown. Later, when I turned it on and runned MM5 I observed:
1. My database was empty in MM5. I had to add/rescan from scratch to add all my songs again.

2. There were some dead links tracks showing in "Files to edit" category. These tracks were deleted some months ago from my drive and don't exist anymore, it seems MM5 used an old version of back up for them. Anyway, when I rescan again, there is no pop up prompting "locate moved/missing files".

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Re: Dead links tracks & locate moved pop up

Post by Lowlander »

You can do a search for MM5.db on your PC and based on Last Modified probably figure out which one is the correct database file and copy it to where MediaMonkey is currently using the database file. Default database location: ... ini-files/

Dead Links can be removed from Music > Files to Edit > Dead Links: ... Dead_Links

Scan only suggest to look for Dead Links if the option to do so is enabled and the location they reside in is included in the scan that just happened.
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