Support for opus codec MM5 [#12769][#9896]

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Support for opus codec MM5 [#12769][#9896]

Post by fellow »

The new opus codec was recently ratified by the IETF. It is open-source and royalty-free.
It boasts an impressive featureset and claims better quality and compression than other codecs.
See for more details.

Any chance for support in mediamonkey?
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Re: Support for opus codec

Post by rovingcowboy »

yeah theres a chance but how big of one is the question? it depends on when they get the time to check the new codec out
and see what it takes to add it in with the others. see how many people really want to use that new one. see if it is going to cause trouble for mm program code if they add it. might be one to five program updates before they get it in if they even put it in. so thats the chance hope its the answer you wanted. 8)
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Re: Support for opus codec

Post by NewRaven »


There are very few audio players which support opus currently (only the latest (dev) versions of foobar and AIMP under Windows, afaik), and there is now user friendly way to convert files to opus, as far as I know for windows users at all. However, all big browser developers support that new standard (and partially have already implemented support) so I would assume some users would love early support for opus.

Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by DerRuhri »

I second the request for OPUS support.

Actually, it's amazing to see at what breathtaking speed other products are taking up support for OPUS.

VLC has added it in version 2.0.4

foobar2000 has added it 2 versions back (version 1.1.14) in September

libavcodec in has added it in version 1.0 (actually, rumour has it, that the added support for OPUS was one of the reasons to call it "1.0")

libavcodec in will add it in "Plain 9" (currently in beta2)

Firefox from will add it in FF17 on November, 20 (currently in beta3)

Please note, that all these players and libraries will allow to encode/decode/convert fo/from OPUS.
Some of them directly compete with MediaMonkey functionality-wise.
And all of them are absolutely free.

Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by TSJNachos »


Don't forget to add Rockbox to that list. I can't quite seem to find a user-freindly way to insert ReplayGain, though. Hopefully MediaMonkey will be able to add RG if/when they add support.
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REQUEST: OPUS format support!!!

Post by The Hated »

OPUS format is such a great format, better than mpo3 and aac, basically the best lossy format, its becoming quite poplar and media monkey doesnt support it ;/ iod love to encode my library in opus via media monkey but im stuck using foobar2000, could we have this implemented? been a mediamonkey user for years now, just a request here :D
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by Cathryne »

This and BitTorrent support for podcast feeds would make me pay for another MM upgrade. Please implement these 2 :-) MM works great for my regular podcast feeds and an iPod Shuffle, but for OPUS & BitTorrent podcasts, I have to use Miro, which is pretty slow :-/
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by pwwaring »

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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by REIKA »

I've been using it for playing m4a(aac,alac) and opus.

But opus tagging is unsupported.

For the encoding, I think MM should support to use command line encoder.
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by Guest »

I wish to add another vote for this request.

Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by argon »

I recently started trying out mediamonkey and I'm gobsmacked that the app doesn't support opus. I'm able to encode to opus with the help of other music managers or via command line, but I can't even play them in mediamonkey. Opus is a royalty free codec and it's from the same stable as flac, so what's the problem?
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by telliott »

I just ran across this codec when someone sent me some files using opus. I immediately thought of Bloom County lol. Berkeley Breathed should get behind this since he's come out of retirement.

I was disappointed to find out that MM couldn't play the files and there was no plugin to add support. Most of the posts requesting support are from 2012. It seems like the developers have just ignored the requests :(
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by dharmaturtle »

Youtube now uses opus as its backing audio codec, so I'm a bit peeved that I can't play my Youtube artists.

transcodes, I'm not going to re-encode an already transcoded audio stream.
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Re: Support for opus codec [#9896]

Post by jiri »

Opus support is planned to be released quite soon, probably as a part of MM5.

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