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Re: Beta Testing for Mac MM

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drakinite wrote: Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:44 pm Linus Tech Tips did a pretty good explanation on their reasoning behind choosing to make their own processors. TL;DR: By making their own processors they'll save a boatload of money, and they'll be even less reliant on other manufacturers' supply chains. It's certainly not a bad business choice from them.
Now, I still strongly dislike them as a company and I really don't like their products. And their reliability is pretty bad. So we can certainly agree on that front.
I am just afraid that after they have their chips manufacturers, there would be no way to fix your MAC at all as you will not be able to get the parts due teh fact they are "property of Apple and Apple is the one that can fix it for the price of new device". That is why I think that things like to get passed finally.

Re Linus, I agree on facts from tech standpoint and its benefits, but I doubt that it will get any better for consumers, especially after this happened to him and xyz other users on a daily basis. Having their own CPU would just put them in better position to take more money out of Innocent customers.
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Re: Beta Testing for Mac MM

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Yup. I agree with everything you just said.

However, on the software side, what I *am* hopeful for is that more cross-platform developers will add support for Windows on ARM. The Surface Pro X is awesome, but the software support is abysmal. If mac developers all update their programs to work for Mac on ARM, it might set a trend to introduce better support on Windows.
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