Single item edit freeze

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Single item edit freeze

Post by yarguy »

I have run into a rather strange bug. If I am editing a single track and close out by clicking okay, MM5 will often (always?) freeze. It does send in a bug report so there should be a good number of these from me. What I did find interesting is that this never seems to happen if I am editing several tracks at a time. To give a specific example I was editing tracks from an album of cello sonatas. Three of the tracks form a single work and I edited them as a group to enter the work name in Custom1 (as I always do) and closed out with no problems. One of the tracks is a single movement piece and so I was editing just that one track to enter its name in Custom1; when I closed out MM5 froze. This has happened almost everytime (perhaps even every time) when editing a single track, but never (not that I can recall) when editing a group of tracks. I'd mark this as a fairly significant issue.