[FR]Show more (all?) id3 tags in Properties

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[FR]Show more (all?) id3 tags in Properties

Post by MMuser2011 »

In MM5 I'm still missing all the additional id3tags from MusicBrainz, iTunes, Windows Mediaplayer etc.

Could you please provide a way to see (and even better manipulate) them?
Actually, I have to use 3rd-party Software to see the tags like

Code: Select all

musicbrainz_recordingid       Recording MusicBrainz Identifier
musicbrainz_trackid           Release Track MusicBrainz Identifier
musicbrainz_artistid          Track Artist's MusicBrainz Identifier
musicbrainz_albumid 		    Release MusicBrainz Identifier
musicbrainz_albumartistid 	 Release Artist's MusicBrainz Identifier
musicbrainz_discid 			  Disc ID if album added using CD Lookup
and many more...

Maybe a mapping table like this or this or this can help you to identify the missing tags?
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Re: [FR]Show more (all?) id3 tags in Properties

Post by Peke »

As you already know it was requested in the past, but it is high risk for instability. MM5 is designed to support such feature but lets make existing features stable before we add new.
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