Find image... somewhere else

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Find image... somewhere else

Post by gamb2009 »

Find image is back and working perfectly for me in new comp. .2060.
I would like, nevertheless, to suggest an improvement: the ability to find an image in your PC or to edit the search field. Sometimes, for instance, trying to find the picture of an interpreter, MM5 founds nothing in internet. When that happens, you can not edit the search field (as you can with "Find another") to put there some other description or words to improve the search, or maybe, to browse in your hard disk.
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Re: Find image... somewhere else

Post by MiPi »

Good point. There was one bug, that was causing, that no image was found very often, it will be fixed in the next release. In case still no image is found, it will display dialog with manual searching. Some "Browse from HDD" will be added later, tracked as
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