Correcting path on rescan crashes [#14901]

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Correcting path on rescan crashes [#14901]

Post by jimbob_sf »

Edit: I can't seem to type the correct build number... Its all on 2111.

There seems to be a lot of noise. The original issue relates to a bunch of folders (maybe 40) for artists (I have 250+) got moved under another artist (became nested). I corrected all the issues by moving things around on the file system directory. When MM5 saw the conflict of paths in the database with the file system, it started to crash when I would Rescan.

Log 1 ID: 8A70D6C8 (mminit.js)
After I press OK, I see the report being sent, but I get an App Error. I don't know if the log makes it up. The message is: "Access violation at address 0157569C in module MediaMonkeyEngine.exe. Read of address 00000000.

I select Restart and get another error.
Log 2 ID: 7D14F68B (tasksController.js)
After I press OK, something very interesting shows. The App Error is for a directory that doesn't exist. I just installed a second MM5 portable to "E:\MediaMonkey 5 CLEAN". I chose that name randomly. As I type this, it seems that the use of the word "clean" in my install is a random coincidence. The message is: "Cover tag index out of bounts (0/0) (D:\Delphi\MediaMonkeyClean\HTML5Monkey\Cover.pas, line 806).

I select Restart and get another error.
Log 3 ID: 7D14F68B (tasksController.js)

I saved off the DB (still have it) and recreated it from scratch.
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Re: 2011: Correcting path on rescan crashes

Post by Peke »

Please update to version 2111 and above and then try to replicate.
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Re: 2111: Correcting path on rescan crashes

Post by teodore »


I' have difficuties to add rescan. After a moment : crash (many times).
I wanted to update the base in MM5, add pictures on artists and listen music.

i'm working (add, edit tracks, tags etc.) on the base (+ 100.000 tracks) with mm4
because of many troubles with editions and change properties in mm5.

It is why i prefere to delete the base and import the update from MM4.

Conclusion for the moment :
1. Edition MM4 is number one of the complete solution of tools i know.
2. Play and navigation i prefere MM5 because of informations and associations, without too much problems in alpha version.
3. To listen one album i prefere foobar2000 + darkone 4.0, for quiet disposition.

Thank You to the community and developpers


Windows 10
2.2 Address : 0157568E
2.3 Module Name : MediaMonkeyEngine.exe - (MediaMonkey)
2.4 Module Version:
2.5 Type : EAccessViolation
2.6 Message : Access violation at address 0157568E in module 'MediaMonkeyEngine.exe'. Write of address 0000001B
Windows 10 i7 8 Go - topping d30 - sansui au-222
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Re: 2111: Correcting path on rescan crashes

Post by PetrCBR »

Thanks. Will check that.
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